A Glimpse into the Stay Wider Of The Rider Campaign

Without question, a lot of people are becoming avid cyclists in order to boost their health and enjoy a great hobby. Because of this, it is also very important that people become more aware of the ways that they can stay safe any time that they are riding. This is a dual responsibility between cyclists and drivers, so that everyone can share the road and make the most out of it. Because of this, South Africa has been promoting an initiative known as Stay Wider of the Rider. To learn more about this, read on and learn all that you can.

What is the Stay Wider of the Rider campaign?

This is an initiative from the Pedal Power Association, which has close to 20,000 members. As part of this campaign, bicycle riders are encouraged to wear highly visible clothing that is a bright yellow, in order to make drivers aware of their presence. It also encourages drivers to be more cognizant of the fact that cyclists share the road and that there are potential hazards that come with this process. By understanding this campaign, you will be able to give yourself the opportunity to stay safe and sound when on the road whenever possible.

Why is this campaign important?

This campaign is so critical, because there has been an uptick in bicycle accidents on a regular basis. For example, these accidents have increased by upwards of 80% in recent years. Fatalities have increased by upwards of 40% in recent years. By spreading awareness in this regard, you will be able to make sure that your community is safer and that you are doing your part. By understanding the ins and outs of this campaign, you will have everything that you need in order to allow yourself the opportunity to prevent injuries, deaths and property damage.

What should I know about bicycle safety?

It is very important that you do your due diligence to remain a safe bicycle rider to the best of your ability. Visibility is crucial, so make everyone aware of your presence by wearing the shirt and any other reflective coloring that you are able to use in that regard. You also need to be sure that you wear a bicycle helmet and any other gear that will allow you to protect your cranium. Make sure that you learn how to ride the bike to the best of your ability and stay in bicycle lanes whenever possible. Be a safe rider and give yourself the opportunity to prevent accidents whenever you can.

How can I support the campaign?

The best thing you can do for yourself is make sure that you spread awareness. Purchase the shirt in order to get the word out and let people know how important this is. By setting the example, you will be able to support the initiative to the best of your ability. In order to do this, you will want to learn as much as you can about the PPC as a whole and figure out everything that they are trying to accomplish.

By taking part in these circumstances, you will be able to give yourself the opportunity to make the absolute most out of cycling safety. This will allow you to be a good steward of everyone’s health, while also making the most out of your community as a whole. You will be able to support this campaign accordingly, so that you are able to get all that you need in order to keep the roadways as safe as they can possibly be.