Amy Gillett Foundation

Australian group campaigns for cyclists and motorists to be “Safe Together”. Watch two pithy TV commercials here:

Share the Road UK

A broad coalition of cycling. motoring and public transport bodies which argues that all road users are people first, and that we should all respect each other’s right to use the road.

3 feet please USA

Joe Mizerek has helped to bring about a 3 feet rule in 15 US states – and sells bright yellow cycling jerseys…

Another American site pressing for changes in the law – uses interesting graphics…

3 feet 2 pass USA

“OUR MISSION is to establish a minimum 3 foot safe passing distance between cars and cyclists in the USA, North America… The WORLD”

Give them room

The Baltimore Sun argues that giving cyclists more room is good for motorists, too.,0,1820365.story

3 feet 2 pass UK petition

Tom Amos’s No. 10 petition attracted thousands of signatures and was rewarded with an insouciant, robotic response from the government – which we will seek to change…

London Cyclist

Andreas’s lively blog is packed with cycling stories, reviews and tips.