Who we are

David Love portraitMy name is David Love and I am the founder of the 3 Feet Please campaign in the UK.

I am a 64 year old commuting and recreational cyclist who has spent a lifetime in business, and now fosters a number of cycling advocacy programmes pro bono. So I’m doing my bit for the Big Society.

I love the freedom of the bike, but I also drive a car. So I know how bikes look different from behind a windscreen, and how easy it is to misjudge a cyclist’s actions and cause harm.

I don’t just campaign for cycle safety. I have always been fascinated by mass participation cycling events and how they inspire even non-cyclists to say “I can do that”. I have taken part in several around the world including the Cape Argus Cycle Tour (7 times!), the Iron Horse Classic in Durango, Colorado and the 5 Boroughs ride in New York.

“The Argus”, which was started 33 years ago to protest at poor cycling facilities in Cape Town and is now the world’s biggest timed cycling event, motivated me to lobby for a sibling in London, and after several years of toil with the support of Jenny Jones at the GLA and her colleagues at Transport for London, the first London Freewheel took place in September 2007. This has now become the Mayor’s Skyride which this year attracted over 85,000 cyclists.

Having been dubbed the “Father of the Ride”, I still help develop the event with GLA whilst retaining close links with the organisers of the Argus, where I enjoy working with much needed bicycle empowerment and road safety campaigns in South Africa’s Western Cape.

I also started the Share the Road campaign in the UK which now enjoys broad support amongst London’s transport community. Our message is that cyclists and motorists are often the same people just doing different things, and that they should respect each other’s right to use the road.

I have been a Trustee of the London Cycling Campaign for several years and am currently its Vice Chair.

My stable comprises a Specialized Sirrus Pro, several Roberts thoroughbreds, a Brompton and a Mercedes Benz.